Education, What is it?

The word Education has been derived from a Latin word “Educatio” which means bringing up or rearing or growing. It is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, literary abilities etc., through different media like the formal and informal based. The conventional and a regularly practiced mode of education are through schooling. The recent emerging online based education is also successfully taking shape.

The Indestructible Weapon:

Education as an indestructible weapon has been proved time and again since ages.

  • Education not just provides knowledge but develops rational thinking in human beings. It eradicates the disease called Ignorance.
  • It helps in the overall development of a person and makes him/her a holistic one. What is right and what is wrong can assess easily by an educated than a non-educated one.
  • Several movements took place in the history for the right to education to every person irrespective of caste, race, religion, gender, place etc.,
  • The most successful of all achievements of education by making people literates is obtaining universal adult franchise irrespective of class or social status.
  • The Indestructible Weapon thus makes people aware of their own rights such as ‘Universal Human Rights’, which every human being is eligible to utilise.


The Wisdom provider:

  • Education not just makes you how to read or write, but gives you an unexperienced wisdom that helps in sailing through one’s life’s battles.
  • Kindness, empathy, compassion etc., for fellow beings as well as for fellow creatures is essential and the goal of achieving this can be only through education.
  • It inculcates a kind of critical thinking since childhood and when one reaches adult hood he/she might be in a state of clarity to decide what is real and what is indoctrinated.
  • It not just gives one literary abilities, but makes them to stand on one’s legs and support their families.
  • Our careers, professions, businesses etc., are nothing without a right choice which only the education provides.


Education is as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe for our survival. It is the ultimate panacea for the disease called poverty. The more the educated a nation is, the more happy and prosperous it is. Education should not be quatified in number of degrees one holds, but in the wisdom one possesses. It is the treasure that nobody could ever snatch away, an indestructible weapon that no enemy can destroy.