Social Media Marketing is utilisation of social network such as networking sites, microblogging, community blogs, etc. for promotion of products and services of a company. Companies are provided with a process of engaging with their prevailing customers and also with new customers parallel authorising them in promoting their business practices, products, etc. Companies are also provided with data analytics tool which enables them to track the success of their attempts.


It has drastically changed the way we communicate with people and the way we play a role as a society. As people are mostly engaged with networking on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. businesses have also took interest in using these sites in engaging with their customers.

These sites make an impact in customer’s behaviour and so companies these days have been largely using these platforms in promoting their products.

A strategy in Social Media includes the formation of content that is tacky. This implies that it gets a client’s consideration and expands the likelihood that they will lead an ideal activity, like purchasing an item or offering the substance to others in their own organization.

Advertisers make viral matter that is intended to spread rapidly between users. Social media urge clients to make and share their own content.

Social Media Marketing

Online media marketers who showcase efforts enjoy the benefit of engaging with a wide crowd on the front with these networking websites.

This has now become a new way of branding and marketing strategies in businesses. If understood and used strategically, it can bring an exceptional success to any business and even leading to higher sales.

Using this platform for marketing boosts the business in promotion of their products or services across a range of social media sites as each of them has a unique environment and audience.


The use of social media marketing has made is possible for the small business to reach and compete in international markets rather than facing the losses and starving in the local markets. Also it has made it very convenient for the people to know about the product and services they need, on the tip of their finger. It is often said that “If the trailer is hit, the movie is super hit”, in relevance to the topic, if the product’s info reaches to the potential buyer successfully and makes a positive impact on them than then product will be profitable in the market too.