5 common mistakes when you talk to a stranger in a chat

5 common mistakes when you talk to a stranger in a chat

People do more and more business in the Internet. They make purchases, communicate with friends and establish romantic relationships. Everything seems to be extremely simple. Just write to the person you like and that is all, but in fact it is not the truth.

A popular way to meet a lot of new people is a chat with a webcam. Users especially appreciate Omegle and Chatroulette. Everything is simple there. But even here you can make a mistake and create a bad impression. Therefore, we consider 5 most common mistakes when you communicate with a stranger.

Mistake number 1: ‘I am D’Artagnan’

Of course, in the conversation you can pay attention to your person, briefly talk about work and hobby. But it is not necessary to concentrate all communication only on yourself and also to embellish reality. Any meeting can grow from the virtual into a real one, and then any, even the smallest deception, will be disclosed. Therefore, it is better to initially tell the truth.

Mistake number 2: ‘Do not create an idol’

In search of a soulmate you should not make a list of requirements. Do not tell your interlocutor what you are waiting from him/her at the very beginning of the conversation. Especially it is worth keeping silent about this if the waiting list is too big. In general, it is better not to do it even in real life. This is not polite, and not all people that claim correspond to their list.

Mistake number 3: ‘Patterns of thinking’

If you do not know how to think creatively, it is better to remain yourself. It is enough just to note the interlocutor’s beautiful eyes or to make a compliment to his/her pleasant voice. Do not speak memorized phrases, do not quote Pushkin. The easier communication, the greater the chance you have to create a good impression.

Mistake number 4: ‘Imposition’

Being intrusive is not good in any life situation. And if you communicate in a chat with a webcam, there is a risk of losing an interlocutor. Since you can change a stranger in just one second, your opponent can take advantage of this opportunity and finish your conversation. So, as you can see, you should never be intrusive.

Mistake number 5: ‘The inner philosopher’

If a stranger wants only flirting, he/she is unlikely to be impressed by the complex structure of the dialogue. Otherwise, he/she will just run away and go look for someone who will be easier.

In general, communicating with strangers is easy. The main thing is to be confident.

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