Best topics for online communication

Best topics for online communication

A search for new friends is possible not only in social networks, where the majority of users are registered under a real name. Chat-roulettes like Omegle, Chatroulette or Chatrandom allow you to get acquainted with random users. What if your interlocutor is nice? It is necessary to start a conversation so that the dialogue lasts at least a few minutes. How to do it? There are the most popular topics for online communication.

Field of activity

Do not ask something like ‘How are you’. After answering, the interlocutor will understand that there is nothing to talk about with you and switch to another person. You will ever see this user again.

Ask the interlocutor a universal question ‘What are you doing’. Thus, you do not interfere with someone’s personal life.

Does he love his job? You will find out about this for sure. Does he have a hobby? You will surely get a bright and colorful story.


If you take an interest in the activities of a person, you probably learn about his hobbies. Now develop this topic by asking a series of open questions (to answer them you cannot do with simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; he/she will have to make up whole sentences).

Ask a travel lover, where it is exciting and inexpensive to travel in the summer. Ask for advice on how to train puppies.

Allow the interlocutor to share the most intimate things that he has. It is a piece of the soul.

‘What do you think about it?’

There are several ways to make a person your friend. One of them is to let him feel like a professional in a certain field.

Even if the interlocutor is not a professor, ask him for advice on how to do something better. Ask a specialist in decoration if there is an alternative to ceramic tile in the bathroom.

Everyone wants to be helpful. Can the knowledge of the interlocutor be useful to you? Ask them to share some information and you are no longer just friends.


Not a key topic, but some people are very proud of their education. You can find out:

  • which university the person graduated from;
  • interesting stories from exams;
  • funny stories.

A lot of students have pleasant memories. Allow the other person to return to a happy and carefree time. If you notice a smile on his face during the conversation, everything is done correctly.

There are a lot of ways to keep a conversation going in chat-roulettes. Use the information that is given above and do not forget to improvise. Then you will have a chance to communicate longer than 5 seconds.

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