Choosing a hairstyle for a first date with a guy

Choosing a hairstyle for a first date with a guy

The first date is an exciting moment in the life of every girl. She is preparing for a date with special awe. The first impression cannot be repeated. In the image of a girl, every detail should be perfect. Dirty hair can ruin the perfect look.

Clean, healthy hair attracts men on an instinctive level. The hairstyle should be chosen from the place and time of the meeting. The image should be natural, the girl feels confident when she knows that her hair is neat. For joint walks of hair, you can dissolve or collect the tail. Evening walk in the park or dinner in a cafe (a restaurant), it is better your hair to be up. Consider a high tail, neat bundle.

A hairstyle cannot exist separately from clothes. First you need to decide on the outfit, accessories, make-up and manicure. It is from them that your image, style is formed.

To wash your hair, choose a shampoo with a mild, but pleasant smell. Naturalness and light simplicity are appreciated for a first date. Multilayer hairstyles with accessories are suitable for formal receptions. Do not abuse varnish or mousse to fix styling.

Girls with a romantic mood should make light curls. Curls will give lightness, airiness to the image. Curls can be made on short, medium and long hair.

Forget about business, office hairstyles. Hair styled in a business style deprives a date of a feeling of ease. A man will feel tense.

Hairstyles with braids are one of the fashion trends among girls. An option for such a hairstyle is ideal for those who do not like to go with their hair loose and do not want to make a classic tail. The variety of styling with braid elements will attract the delightful looks of young people and girls. It is the braids that you can fluff and get volumetric styling.

On hot summer days, a Greek-style hairstyle will complement the light look. This styling will add a touch of romance to the lady in jeans and a T-shirt. The girl is associated with the Greek goddess.

Owners of short haircuts can keep fit on their own. It is enough to wash your hair and make a couple of movements with your hands, slightly wrinkle your hair while blow-drying. If you want to lengthen your hair, use a chignon. Make sure that the chignon in the hairstyle is fixed well and will not put you in an uncomfortable position.

If a girl doubts whether she can style her hair herself, we recommend you to register in a beauty salon. It is necessary to clearly describe to the master what you want to see and trust a professional.