Communication with unfamiliar women in a chat

Communication with unfamiliar women in a chat

Online communication replaces real communication between young people. Chats give men the opportunity to communicate with women from different countries and continents. Internet correspondence is a great opportunity to meet a girl with a young shy man. The stranger does not know anything about you.

It is always necessary to start correspondence with a greeting. Browse the girl’s page, write a few complements. Ask if she is busy, can talk with you. Write to the girl that you have common interests. Feel free to ask about hobbies and interests. In response to her messages, tell her a little about yourself. Interest the girl for further communication and meeting.

In communication, remember that girls are emotional and it is important for them to feel care and support. It is important to create an atmosphere of goodwill. Topics for discussion are better to choose neutral, so as not to hurt anyone’s feeling. Avoid faith, nationality.

Harmless correspondence can turn into a strong relationship, friendship. When dealing with unfamiliar women, never ask about age. Girls do not like such questions. In chats, women over 30 are looking for attention, a partner for flirting. A woman at any age wants to feel loved and receive signs of attention from the opposite sex.

First messages, words create an initial impression. To make a good impression, conducive to communication is your main task. Try to avoid controversial phrases, questions about private life, sexual relationships; do not offer sex when meeting people. The topic of sex is best left for subsequent conversations.

If during the conversation there is an awkward pause, use your sense of humour. Do not be afraid to joke with women. Representatives of the opposite sex love light and not intrusive humour. Be original, use interesting phrases, you can quote your favourite poems.

How to respond to a girl’s refusal? If the girl did not want to answer you, she ignores you. She should clarify whether she is in a relationship. If you receive a rejection after a couple of correspondence, look for the reason in yourself. Perhaps there were phrases that offended the girl or hurt her feelings, pride.

In chat rooms it is better to flirt with women. The process of such communication is addictive. Correspondence, which does not oblige anyone to anything, is covered in a slightly mystery. It depends only on you how the conversation will take place. Become the initiator, ask more open questions. Become the initiator, ask more open questions. Do not skimp on affectionate words and compliments.