Rules for a successful relationship with a girl

Rules for a successful relationship with a girl

Perhaps every man wants to build a strong relationship with a girl. However, not everyone realizes that the solution of this problem requires certain efforts, starting with the time and ending with financial investments. Otherwise, achieving the goal is almost impossible. Unlike a romance or free relationship, creating a really strong and successful union is not easy.

An ideal woman

Psychologists often witness an interesting phenomenon. Many men, answering questions about their future wife, cite original descriptions as an example. So, they make a list of qualities that a chosen one should have, but do not pay attention to the fact that they contradict each other. In fact, it is enough for them to see next to a woman who loves, with whom it is comfortable to spend every free minute. To build a relationship for comfort and pleasure, you should analyze the past relationship, and identify signs that did not suit a man in a girl. As practice shows, own experience, whether successful or not, allows you to determine the qualities that should be chosen.

Harmonious relationships

After the first goal is achieved, and the ideal woman is found, you should be careful that the relations at the first stage are as fragile as the house of cards. Literally one careless word or action can reduce all efforts to nothing. That is why it is worth learning to control everything that happens. Often the task is to skillfully balance value. So, really successful relationships are based on the significance of each of the representatives of the couple. Over time, due to balance, both people become confident in each other and their future.

To competently control significance, a man must be observant. For example, if you notice that you have become the initiator of meetings, communication and other actions, it is worthwhile to stop a bit and provide an opportunity for a woman to prove herself. If she has lost interest, then this suggests that the balance is upset. Therefore, the best way out of the situation is to change the strategy.

How to identify the perfect relationship


Surely you noticed that in past relationships you constantly sacrificed something. It could be money, time, personal interests. You were ready to sacrifice anything, just to be close to the object of adoration. And the relationship can be called successful if the second half has similar qualities.

Emotional investments

It is generally accepted that the presence of money determines the quality of the relationship. In fact, emotional investment also plays a great role. Pay attention to how often a companion calls or writes to you. Is she able to pay for a snack in a cafe or invite to a movie. If the answer is ‘yes’, be sure that everything is okay.