5 rules for flirting online with a guy

5 rules for flirting online with a guy

07/23/2020Relationships Standard

The development of modern technologies makes its own adjustments in all areas of life. Already most of them communicate with the opposite sex not in a cafe, not in a park, but online. This type of communication has its admirers, because you can do it while sitting at a lecture, or watching the next episode of your favorite TV series. Conversation with a man involves flirting and a little flirtation. We will tell you how to flirt correctly.

· Flirt in every possible way. Popular phrases from films, books can be used (plus online communication, quotes on the topic can always be found on the Internet). Use emoticons, emoji, just do not overdo it. A flirting voice, a look from under the eyelashes in a video chat-roulette is the most powerful weapon can be used.

· Do not reveal all your secters. Always leave some understatement. This will arouse interest. After all, this is exactly what they wanted to attract and captivate. This also includes personal information. The man with whom you communicate in the online chat does not need to know your address, phone number, real name and surname, place of work / study, account passwords.

· Be careful with jokes. Absolutely by accident, unknowingly, you can strongly hurt the person on the other side of the screen. Even if the jokes are really good, then answer your question. Are you looking for a friend to joke with and have fun with, or a boyfriend for a romantic relationship?

· Do not make plans for the future. This refers to serious plans for marriage, the birth of children, housekeeping. You can talk about future travels and expected experiences. It is acceptable to discuss career growth and prospective place of work. But do not talk about the future husband and children. Otherwise, the guy will decide that you are going to marry him and will leave the chat before you realize your mistake.

· Do not try to find out all the information. Curiosity, of course, is a good thing, but in moderation. If the guy leaves the answer, then you should not continue asking the same question. Perhaps he has a good reason to remain silent. We felt that the man was embarrassed by the question, he hesitated, then turn the conversation to another topic. Better to be known as a tactful girl than an extremely curious person.

Many people use online chat rooms to improve their flirting skills. If you are one of them, then rather go to Omegle or Chatroulette. There are an unlimited number of men from all over the world. You will learn to flirt, communicate with people of different temperaments. And if you get tired of this frivolous game, you can always leave the conversation without saying goodbye, without explaining the reasons for leaving. After all, this is the beauty of online communication – no need to come up with excuses to leave.