What to wear on a first date with a man

What to wear on a first date with a man

The first romantic meeting with an interesting man is a kind of test of each other, an attempt to get to know the other person better. From what impression you make, whether the second meeting will be, how your relationship will end. Clothing for a woman plays an important role, because with the help of a properly selected wardrobe, you can charm and seduce. What to wear for your first meeting

A dress

It will work for any situation. It is recommended to wear a classic sheath dress to the restaurant, which will favorably emphasize the dignity of your figure and at the same time will not look too pretentious. You can choose between discreet dark and bright shades. For a walk, we advise you to choose a more comfortable style, and if the date takes place outside the city – a sports dress in combination with sneakers.


Formal trousers and a fashionable jacket combined with a seductive lace or silk blouse are a versatile image of a girl who is self-confident. Please note: in this case, your suit should be made of high-quality and expensive materials – cheap shine of a jacket or rough lace of a blouse will always be noticeable to others.

Jumper and jeans

If a date is planned in an informal atmosphere, it is cool outside, and you just want to walk in the park and go home, meeting in an evening dress will make a man feel awkward. In this case, it is better to do with a fashionable jumper with a print or other decorative elements, jeans or jeggings, as well as shoes on a stable platform. If you wish, you can complement such a simple look with a beautiful watch or bracelet, a fashionable bag made of genuine leather or high-quality artificial materials.

Which shoes should you choose?

The main rule is that shoes should be comfortable. You never know how your first date will end. Perhaps after the restaurant you will immediately go home by taxi, or maybe you will go to the club to dance all night. That is why it is better to go to a meeting in cute sneakers and be able to walk on your own. It is advisable to wear shoes with small heels under the dress, which will emphasize the slimness of your legs. In this case, make sure that the shoe has a really comfortable platform and soft leather that will not chafe your feet.

When you go on your first date, do not forget to put a small amount of a sophisticated perfume on your skin to complement your look and make it even more seductive. However, it is not recommended to use sweet aromas, which can cause irritation and headaches. For the first meeting, it is better to prefer something light and natural, a versatile option that will appeal to any man. By following all these rules, you can be sure that your romantic date will be flawless!